Auto match properties and clients

Aidy knows the properties in your portfolio and what your clients are looking for, down to the finest details. It automatically matches the appropriate parties with each other and presents them for your approval.

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Stop recommending every property to everyone.

The Real Estate app Aidy automatically prepares elegant and personalized presentations, emails and SMS for suitable properties according to the preferences of its clients. It only sends them properties that attract their interest. In this way, you can get more positive feedback and increase customer interaction.

Do not skip any sale or renting chance.

A property that has entered your portfolio today may be suitable for a customer you spoke to months ago and then forgot. Thanks to the Real Estate software Aidy, nothing can escape your attention. When you start working with a new customer or property, old notes are quickly scanned and the correct correspondence is done instantly.

Activate autopilot and just sit & relax

Let the Aidy’s Autopilot handle the potential buyers whom you think need more time. Aidy finds and presents suitable homes for your clients. It only intervenes when you receive a request for a home visit and this saves you time

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