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You have become a real estate agent because you are not a desk worker. Successful real estate agents engage in the daily life of the area where they specialize and track every change in the market. Use Aidy and have all the answers on hand as you work in your area to get new portfolios, visit a property with a potential buyer, close a sale, or simply expand your network. Detailed buyer and tenant demands and needs, the finest details about your properties, documents, business plans, offers, your to-do list, notes you took months ago, and more. All are easily accessible at any time on your mobile phone with Aidy.

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All you need to get started is any device, it’s that easy!

Easily add all your contacts and portfolio, either from your phone book or from the websites.

Organize unlimited numbers of properties and clients easily via any device

Categorize your clients and properties as you like with personalized labels and find every information you are looking easily for via any device. View & present properties suitable for your client with a single click.

No need to go back to the office and save data on the computer!

Outdated real estate programs offer limited solutions for smartphones and compel you to use a computer. With the real estate software Aidy, you can get your all work done using only your phone or tablet.

Work easily anytime and anywhere

Thanks the Real Esatte CRM Aidy, you can have all your assets and clients at hand, you can also solve important jobs in the field, even in a short time between two meetings

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