Property visits and offers are under your control from A to Z

The on-site visit of a portfolio together with the client is the most important for closing a sale. Aidy helps you arrange a great organization and makes sure everything is right on track that day. In this way, you can get the offer you want, and easily manage it with Aidy's offer module.

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See & respond to clients’ visit requests instantly.

When your clients want to check out a property, Aidy will notify you instantly, prioritize it in your to-do list and prod you into action.

Take and save notes easily while visiting a property.

Whether during or after your visit, you can easily save and remember what your customers liked and disliked about the property they visited.

Don’t waste time canceling on-site visit plans

When planning a visit, Aidy reminds your clients of the time and place of the meeting, as well as the properties they will visit, by sending SMS and automatic emails. In this way, you will save time and provide a much more professional service.

Manage offers easily.

All offers of your properties are available to offer to owners, along with their current status.

Auto property & client matching

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