Send ready-made e-mails and messages

The Real Estate CRM Aidy automatically prepares elegant, effective and personalized emails and messages for you to send a property to your clients or plan a home visit. When you want to celebrate a special day or just remember it, you can use any design from Aidy's message library by changing it as you like.

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Send creative and effective mass messages with Message Blast

Select the designs and contents prepared by experts for the real estate sector, arrange them as you wish, add your properties automatically and be able to send mass messages and emails to your contacts

Create automatic presentations, emails and messages about suitable properties for your clients & send it to them with a single click

Send properties matched to each client’s specific needs in a personalized professional presentation, attract their attention, get answers and increase positive client interaction.

Remind & confirm property visit organizations through automatic messages.

When you plan a visit for your clients, Aidy reminds them of the time and place of the meeting as well as the properties you will visit, with automatic SMS & E-mails. Thus, you will both save time and provide a much more professional service.

1000+ real estate agents use Aidy daily.

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